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Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's a Braceright Midriff Support

Posy Slaithwaite has just been on her first Corporate Culture Induction Morning.

The one time I've been on corporate induction training was back in the bad old days of local government in the eighties, when I was working for Loamshire. We had a welcome from the Chief Executive; visits to a library, a fire station, a disabled person's rehabilitation unit (that was an eye-opener!); an explanation of the corporate executive and political structures; and a half-hour presentation by the Deputy Chief Executive on public sector ethics and the legal boundaries we had to work within.

These days we're more customer-oriented.

Posy was subjected to an hour-long presentation about the Bobbing Up And Down Team; a presentation on the aims and targets of the Bobbing Up And Down Team; and an introduction to The Hexagon Of Excellence...
"They said that they'd had a two-day meeting to talk about the aims of the council and they decided that they are:
  • 'It would be nice if Helminthdale was a nice place to live'
  • 'It would be nice if everyone was nice to each other.'
  • 'It would be nice if there were some nice shops.'"

"There, there... It comes as a shock at first but you soon get used to it."


Rinkly Rimes said...

I'll pay you my greatest compliment.......'I don't believe a word of it!'

And why were you skulking around in the benighted north when I was a young girl? You look reasonably attractive in your 'avatar'! Bet you didn't have those in 1950!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hello Brenda!

I'd have been wasted on Brighton.