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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm going down to Smithfield to get some sand on my shoes

Verity, who runs Carbootsale Library, has yet to see how it looks after refurbishment.

She's been past it a few times but the shutters have been down so she's not been able to look inside. And she's not been invited to any of the on-site meetings that T.Aldous and Julia have been having with the men from the furniture shop.

She's been getting updates from the locals who pop in to see her at her place of exile just to make sure she's coping.

Just to rub her nose in it, Julia gets back to Catty Library after the latest on-site conflab, wanders over to Verity, who's been covering the enquiry desk, and says:
"It's a pity you couldn't go to that meeting."

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