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Friday, August 28, 2009

Blaze away

We've had another fire inspection and Seth's been appraised of the changes we need to make. He's also been told about the shopping centre's new fire procedures that were required to bring everything in line with the new regulations. It all sounds a lot more straightforward than the old procedures and we've been issued with new equipment to help make sure that everybody's evacuated quickly and safely and to make sure that the Fire Brigade knows the state of play when it arrives.

It seems like a good idea to make sure that all staff know the new procedures so Doreen and Seth set up some meetings for him to give everyone the gen.

Then Doreen makes her fatal error...

"I'll just tell T.Aldous so that he's kept in the loop."

T.Aldous tells them that he'll tell staff about the new procedures and that it'll have to wait four weeks as he's busy until the end of September.

"It'll be an interesting talk 'cos I'm telling him nowt," says Seth.

"We're not planning on having a fire any time in the next month then?" asks Betty.


Charlie said...

The thing about a fire is that, without fail, they,crop up when you least expect one.

I have yet to hear a newsman ask a fire victim, "Did you see the total destruction of your garage coming?"

Madame DeFarge said...

I admit to being a fire marshal and in proud possession of a bright yellow baseball cap, which imbues me with a rare authority. Shall I send you one for T.Aldous?

Gadjo Dilo said...

As Mr Fawlty once said, "I don't know why we bother, we should let them all burn!"

Kevin Musgrove said...

Charlie: virtually everything that we do crops up when we least expect it.

Madame DF: do you have the flags too? We've got flags (great).

Gadjo: some days...