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Monday, August 24, 2009


Every week on a Monday morning, unless it's Friday, or not at all, Mary gathers her underlings together for what we are to stop calling her catchy-uppy-skippy-jumpy meetings. The burning question of the day is notable for its absence from the agenda. Or would be if there was an agenda, but you get the idea.

Frog and Maybelle emerge from the meeting with secret smiles.

"What's up?" I ask.

"Well, you know how we've been wondering who our line manager is in the half of the week when Mary's not working?" says Frog. "And how we're wondering who'll be taking over when she eventually goes?"

"You've not asked her again?" I scoff.

"Better stiil," replied Maybelle with savage glee, "Nancy did!"

Nancy, while being a lovely lady, isn't one of our more dynamic players. If you get to the point where even she is losing patience with a situation there really must be an issue.

"Did you get to find out then?" I ask.

"Don't take the piss, it's not nice," replied Frog.


Charlie said...

Meetings—any kind of meeting—make my eyes glaze over and I nod off, only to suddenly come awake and wonder where I am.

After the meeting—any kind of meeting—I always have to ask someone, "So what was that all about?"

"Nothing," is by far the #1 answer.

Speaking of numbers, congratulations on your #27.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I wish I had your facility for meetings, Charlie.

And thanks for that!