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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I shall plant a union jack

Noreen surveys the serried ranks of boxes in the fire escape corridor with some dismay. There are eighty-four of them. At the beginning of the week there were only sixty-eight.

She beats herself up for no especially good reason. The Acquisitions Team are a pretty efficient machine given half a chance and their throughput is quite impressive. Unfortunately, they're under-strength at the moment and for the foreseeable (for reasons we won't go into but prayers have been said for the person involved) and we're now well into the special bulk-buys for the new school term season.

The situation has been ameliorated more than a little by Frog and Bronwyn cooking up a little wheeze whereby all the "Book That!" books went directly from the Acq. Team to the intended children's centres in the Catty area, completely bypassing all the usual bottle-necks and boomerangs in one fell swoop.

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