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Friday, February 15, 2008

This job calls for pleasing personality

The Booksale Coordinator's job is, allegedly, currently being shortlisted with a view to interviews taking place at the end of the month (closing date for application being early last November). None of us have any idea what this person will actually be doing in real life, least of all the Acquisitions Team who will be being line-managed by this new bod (though don't feature in this post's responsibilities in the job description).

Co-incidentally, Jim's just called for ideas for the next regular monthly staff newsletter, which come out roughly once a quarter or whenever T.Aldous goes on holiday and can't put the blocks on publication.

As both the Booksale Coordinator and The Job That Dare Not Speak Its Starting Date are both completely new roles in the library service would it be an idea to have short profiles of the jobs in the next newsletter so that staff could have an idea what to expect from them?

What a good idea! I'll write something now.

You mean you know?!? We've been wondering for months.

Oh no, I've not the first idea either. I'll make something up and then see what happens when it gets to the vetting stage.

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