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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Poor old Frog. He's on a book-buying visit at the suppliers' warehouse. In itself this is unsurprising: it's that time of year again when we panic-buy to make up the numbers. Worse still, he's got to buy umpteen-thousand pounds' worth of picture books on top of the usual. His joy at having to do a double-quick "selection" is matched only by the Acq. team who will both be expected to put it all through the system within a week, in between answering the telephone and taking messages for T.Aldous and Mary.

A few weeks ago it wouldn't have been so bad: an unnatural hiatus in the procurement system led to a week's worth of nothing. Now, the fire escape corridor's full of large print books, romances, crime novels, best-sellers and more chairs than the Albert Hall. There's also some more boxes of Bookthingy stuff coming in this week.

Bring it on, I say!

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