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Friday, February 08, 2008

The count was a beautiful dancer

Work continues apace at Catty Library. What that pace is escapes me for now, but apace it is.

It has been discovered that the frontage isn't falling off the rest of the building. The rest of the building is falling off the frontage. This comes as a great relief as it means that the subsidence in the north half of the building won't get much worse and will, in the course of time, be matched by the subsidence in the south half of the building. Which means that for some wonderful moment the floor of the library will be level for the first time since 1923. Meanwhile, work has been done on the floor to try to even out the eccentricities of slope with the West Col being pretty much filled in with the spoil from the North Face of the Children's Library. What was once a poorly-defined indoor crown green bowls pitch has become a classic inclined plane. We may need to set up a funicular railway to help the old dears get to the Family History section.

The council's Heritage Planning Officer has decreed that the floor shall be re-laid with parquet flooring (the old one was removed during a salvage campaign to help build Spitfires for our brave boys in the late unpleasantness). I suppose his thinking is that the parquet is more likely to flex during the subsidences than would a roll of linoleum.

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