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Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm checking the metrics for the new performance indicators. The figures for the use of electronic resources look pretty good but I've a suspicion that it's a hard core of dedicated users rather than wide use by a good proportion of our customers. For the past few years I've been banging on at our staff that we need to set up our borrowers so that they can log onto these resources but I'm not convinced that the message got through: a quick check tells me that only 9% of our borrowers have the log-in keys added to their records.


Perhaps I'm being overly-harsh. After all, we've had computerised borrower records for eighteen years and only in the past three years have we been using the log-ins, we're probably just catching up. I expect that if I run a check of the borrowers added in the past twelve months things would look rather better.

1 comment:

Steven said...

For God's sake do't do it!!!

I was doing something similar last week and I decided to check the number of our borrowers with PINs (equivalent to your log-ins?) who'd been added since January 2007.


Utterly bloody demoralising. It's better to travel hopefully than to do the metrics!

Pip pip!