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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Going local

Catty Township Committee has decided to put together a "Catty Now & Then" booklet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of something I've never heard of. Jim got wind of this and sent an email to Policy Team a couple of weeks ago.

"Have we any pictures of Catty Library that we could let them use?"

Evidently they decided it was a good idea. Jim followed it up with another email to Policy Team earlier this week:

"This is getting a bit urgent now. We could do with some old pictures. Any ideas?"

This time he had the sense to cc. the email to Hetty at Catty Library and to Henry Irving in Local Studies. Henry immediately contacted the Committee and arranged for them to visit Local Studies and have their pick of the pictures. As Henry says:

"Why not just get in touch with me in the first place?"

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