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Monday, February 18, 2008

Kevin Musgrove is appearing at the Old Vic as a jar of vapo-rub

I'm in the middle of the training sessions for the call centre staff. Despite the first-thing-in-the-morning panic about access to our systems most of the PCs are connected up. This has been effected by my loaning them some of my software licences (Catty and Epiphany are closed for building works so I'm using theirs) and the director responsible for the call centre, who also happens to be in charge of the software auditors, has leant on people to persuade them to load a dozen unlicensed copies of the client software on these PCs for one day only(!!!) An utter shambles.

The good news is that the call centre staff are grateful to meet anybody who doesn't want to drop a load of shit in their laps and then run as far away from the customers as possible. We seem to be getting on just nicely.

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