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Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm waiting for the film to come

I was supposed to be at a communication strategy meeting with our esteemed Policy Team. I turned up at the alloted time and place and there was nobody there. Getting back to my desk I emailed Jim, who organised the thing, to ask if it had been cancelled and nobody had told me.

Quite some time later, Jim responds:

"Oops! Sorry. We moved the meeting downstairs because we couldn't all make it. I forgot to tell you.

"I probably did you a favour anyway: I thought we'd best start with a run-through of the points raised in the last meeting and then move on to agreeing an action plan for getting things done. T.Aldous said he couldn't come, then he did. We spent three hours hearing the back-story on each and every thing in the list."

And no action plan to worry about!

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