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Thursday, July 01, 2010

She had a cheeky mole on her left thigh.
It stuck out its tongue and ran up her knicker leg

We're not the only ones with stock-editing problems. I was at a thing this morning (I have a horror of calling anything a "workshop" that doesn't involve hammers and industrial lengths of metal) and got to swapping stories with a couple of the other contestants.

"I had to take a sex education manual out of the children's library last week," one confided.

"Oo-err. That bad?"

"I'l say. The section called 'Bliss within marriage' started off by saying that the wife should always have her man's tea on the table when he gets home and not to let him see you with your hair in rollers."


Pat said...

I'll bet she was a woman - appalled at the thought of actually looking after your husband - as was the norm once upon a time.
BTW I think there is a little man in Verification who picks up on things said and your naughty title has inspired him to write butriff.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: amazingly enough, to those of your and my generation, it was a lad.

The Word Verification Genie's been skittish lately.