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Monday, July 05, 2010

The Apocalypse wears crimplene

How events are organised...

In a couple of week's time we are to host an event upstairs in the lending library. It's only tangentially-related to what the library does for a living but we have to do it as part of the contractual arrangements for some project funding. It's high profile but not a big deal.

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on Posy that it'll probably be landed on her to do so she was a bit proactive (I know, I know, but she's not been with us long) and worked out the logistics and arranged with Bronwyn and Frog for them to chat up some contacts to provide a tame and happily responsive audience. Job done-ish, pending final details from Doreen and publicity from the Press & Publicity Section.

Just before lunchtime Doreen breezed into the project like a Double Gloucester on a hillside...
  • Nobody would be around to host the event. [Posy had already offered to come in to do precisely that, killing two birds with one stone as she needs to pay back some time off she had to take last month.]
  • Bronwyn and Frog hadn't made themselves available. [Neither had been asked to make themselves available and weren't needed anyway as Posy could do all the necessary and the audience was to be primed well beforehand.]
  • Frog was double-booked. [He'd already been slated to do a story session at Gribble Community Centre and wasn't really involved in this event anyway.]
And sundry other. We don't have nearly enough problems so it was nice to see somebody putting so much effort into generating a whole flotilla of them from absolutely nothing.

Maybelle was unimpressed:

"You watch: Doreen will get everyone as confused as hell, it'll all become a panicky shambles and it'll be decided that It's All Posy's Fault."
I can see nothing to argue with that analysis.


Pat said...

Poor Posy. I suppose everybody has to have their induction.

nursemyra said...

Poor Posy indeed

Nota Bene said...

I can only add a third 'Poor Posy'

Madame DeFarge said...

Doreen is clearly auditioning to be the Cassandra of Helminthdale.

Macy said...

There are Doreen Clones lurking in every organisation.... Double Gloucesters on every hillside.. Mark My Words

Kevin Musgrove said...

Thank you all for your concern. Posy is young and will learn. (Doreen isn't and might not, which is a shame)