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Friday, July 09, 2010

Rock and roll nostrils

Oh joy.

This afternoon, Umpty Library was to be visited by A Celebrity That Nobody's Ever Heard Of. For no apparent reason other than the council's Press Officer was offered him cheap by somebody he knew. To say that the run-up to the calamity has made us pine for the seamless efficiency of the planning regime of T.Aldous and Mary is to understate considerably. Not least because the council's Press Officer is a bit of a prima donna.

There have been a flurry of bumptious "Thou shalt" emails from said chappie for the past four weeks. Between them, Doreen, Bronwyn and Posy have exhausted their vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon colloquialisms. And today's the day.

Posters all over town.

Queue of damp tweenies waiting for signed photographs.

No show.

"He's on his way," became, an hour later: "he's not coming." He's unwell out of a bottle, but we can't tell the tweenies that.

"Ah well, if he's not coming I'll leave you to it," says PR Professional.

Which is when Doreen discovered a word she didn't think she knew.


Unknown said...

Did the damp tweenies riot? Did Doreen return unscathed? It's rather an exciting cliff-hanger...

nursemyra said...

If this were a movie Posy would adopt a fake moustache and a deep voice and save the day with a brilliant impersonation of ACTNEHO

Macy said...

"He's unwell out of a bottle"

So he met Frog first??

Kevin Musgrove said...

Wendy: the tweenies were eventually mollified, or at least persuaded into calming down to muttering bulk status.

nursemyra: I think she'd have been up for it but she'd rather taller than him and a bit bigger up front.

Macy: to be fair to Frog, he's only ever drunk twice a year: Christmas Day and the Donkey Sanctuary's annual wine-tasting.

Madame DeFarge said...

oooh, one wonders who it could be? Is it someone that mothers would adore? Or is his appeal strictly limited to tweenies?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Madame deF: I think his appeal is to his agent.