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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Luxuriating amongst fourteen aisles of dry grocery products

The new stock selection policy, such as it is, is easy: Frog's signed up to every children's literacy programme going - Book Off, Book You, Book North, Booked If I Know, etc. etc. etc. - and Bronwyn's signed up to every reading agency programme going and a couple that aren't yet. That way between them they hope we'll be able to blag a couple of hundred free books a month. Meanwhile, the rest of us are on the look-out for anything that may provide us with a few boxes of free books without our having to sell our own families into bondage (other people's families are fair game).

If you see anybody in the supermarket ripping special offer labels off cereal packets, or mugging old ladies for their copy of The People's Friend, it'll be your local public librarian doing their bit for the bookshelves of Britain.

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Pat said...

And they say books have had their day. What rubbish!