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Friday, July 09, 2010

All morning trying to push a cow into Hangar 25

Maudie and Maisie are strung out to the nines. As well as doing their own jobs - all the admin. and finance for the whole of the Library Service; reporting yet more building problems at Catty, Umpty, Spadespit and Windscape libraries; collating the 2009/10 statistics that Jack Harry decided he wanted last week that could have been collated as we go along throughout the last financial year and need to be delivered today; that sort of thing - they're answering the 'phones for Library Policy & Strategic Management Team (this week) because, well, we're not sure why but it's bound be a jolly good reason; making tea for the Social Services meeting up in the lending library community room (no, we're not sure, either); and answering all the calls to the Assistant Librarian's office on the top floor because of a Customer Care Audit diktat that states that they must answer that 'phone, despite it being four floors upstairs from us and all the calls are from staff wanting to talk to the Assistant Librarian.

Jack Harry takes a 'phone call from the new Assistant Director. He comes out of his office to speak unto Maudie and Maisie.

"Kieran Paisley in the Leisure Section needs some help to pack some boxes. I've said that you'll go over to the Town Hall to give him a hand."

The girls are just - only just, mind - professional enough not to say they can't go out because they're washing their hair.

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