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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Return to sender

T.Aldous has had a right dig at Lola about the boxes piled round the Assistant Librarians' desk. Lola is dead narked.

"Don't worry about it," says Salome, "I've had him and Doreen on my back about them all week."

"Let's get shut of the bloody things," says Lola. "What's in them?"

"All that stuff that they brought over from Catty last year."

Last year, when Catty Library was closed for rebuilding works, the Assistant Librarians reluctantly came over to lend Salome a hand (Lola was on maternity leave at the time and we've been carrying a vacant post for a year). What actually happened was that they sent over boxes of stock to be transferred between libraries; tatty old books to be withdrawn from stock; and assorted crap. Then they pretended to be working on this stuff in lieu of actually doing any work. When the time came to re-open Catty Library they decamped and left all this shit behind them.

"That's sorted then," said Lola and Salome.

And they taped the boxes up and sent them back to Catty.

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

One gets the impression that boxes loom large in librarydom. I should wonder you want to crawl into one of those boxes and be done with the whole damn business!