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Thursday, March 05, 2009

By the great horned spoon!

The fire escape corridor is empty.

As I lay gasping for air I asked Noreen what had happened.

"We've done them!"

"What? All of them?"


"But what about the annual last-minute visit to buy up the stock nobody else wanted?"

"We're not doing one."

"You're kidding me!"

"Counting the stuff that's on order that should arrive in the next week or two we've hit all the targets we have to."

I am astonished and ask Bronwyn for confirmation.

"Oh yes," she says. "The Library Service has had all year to get stock ordered. They didn't bother over the summer and we're not going to kill the Acq. Team by dumping a pile of invoices for books we don't really want on them to do in double-quick time to fiddle the statistics. If we've not hit targets by now then it's just hard luck."

Bravo. Even so, I can see Bronwyn having a few fights about the subject with certain people over the next couple of weeks.


Gadjo Dilo said...

"buy up the stock nobody else wanted" - send it over here, Kev, I swear that people here buy their books by the metre - they surely never read them.

Lavinia said...

What's this got to do with Jade Goody and why is your country obsessed with her? Just wondering. Speaking as someone who has no idea who she is....(and strangely, doesn't feel deprived about that!)

The Topiary Cow said...


Cow happy the chance of Kevin being caught in a fire due to inaccessibility of fire escape is now reduced!


Kevin Musgrove said...

Gadjo: I was once told very firmly that it isn't true that our romance collection is bought by the yard.

Lavinia: That's right.

Ms Cow: No worries: plan A has always been to throw the fridge through the staff room window and jump out from there. There's always enough passing pensioners to break the fall.