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Friday, March 20, 2009

Best sellers

Bronwyn's investigating the latest batch of boxes to be sent in by Catty Library. They're all best-sellers, either from the Orange longlist or Richard & Judy's Bookclub. Each one has a handwritten note inside:

"We already have a copy of this."

A quick check of the catalogue shows that each and every one of the copies left behind at Catty are on loan.

I can't imagine why, after a superb refurbishment, complete stock refresh and lots and lots of publicity in the local rag, Catty Library's issue figures still aren't as good as they were before they closed.

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

I know you can't imagine why. And don't even bother trying. Don't tax the brain. Think soothing thoughts and have a drink if necessary. Deep breath now!!!