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Friday, March 27, 2009


The printers at Pottersbury Road and Grimley libraries have died so I've had to ask Milton if we can buy new. He's said yes, once we find out what the IT department have decided we're going to be buying. Which doesn't solve that problem any time soon as we've been waiting since the new year.

One of the PCs on the counter at Gypsy Lane has had a hard disk failure. Three of the PCs at Helminthdale Central and all the PCs at Grimley are so old and slow that you can brew a cup of tea, drink it and wash up afterwards in the time it takes to open an email in Outlook. All were due to be replaced last November when the outsourcing company's London office stuck its oar in and stopped Helminthdale's hardware replacement programme.

And staff ringing the IT helpdesk about problems with the People's Network connections have been referred on to me depsite my having the same rights and priveliges on this system as the general public.

Happy days.

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