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Thursday, March 19, 2009

She wanted Mary Poppins but I took her to King Lear

We're taking bets on how long it takes to hear anything officially about yesterday's bunfest at Catty Library. A dead waste of time as everybody is putting their money on "never."

Unofficially it seems to have gone well:

The celebrity was a darling (I shan't name names as she's done me no harm but you might have seen her on "Compact"). Not only did she sign all the photographs proferred with a charming smile but, when they ran out, she signed bookmarks, library books and doubtless the occasional blank cheque.

The official cake was cut. Once somebody had nipped out to get a knife. (Greek chorus: "We knew they wouldn't be allowed sharp objects!")

And, as with all good parties, there were three rows and at least two people on the verge of crying in the kitchen.

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Lavinia said...

"(Greek chorus: "We knew they wouldn't be allowed sharp objects!")"

This happens more often than one may think!