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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A degree of irony and self-awareness largely absent from the text

We get a corporate global email from the Chief Executive...

As part of the council's lurch into the brave new world of empowered employee buy-in we're going to have a New Staff Newsletter. Again. If in doubt, launch a New Staff Newsletter.

This prompts an immediate and enthusiastic discussion amongst the ranks in the library.
  • Salome suggests "Bugger bugger bugger bugger."
  • Sybil suggests "Two fingers to the workplace."
  • And Maudie suggests "Bollocks."


Unknown said...

Are these suggested names for the new staff newsletter?

Anonymous said...

Or commentaries on the content?

Lavinia said...

How about "Tales from Helminthdale"?. Has a nice ring to it.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Wendy & Emu: yes to both.

Lavinia: Ta. (-:

Back in the days when I did a corporate newsletter I was warned off calling it "A Crate of Old Toffee."