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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't worry, there's no rush with the knitting

T.Aldous is fed up, and who can blame him? The rolling thunder that is our pay & grading process is winding him up even more than it's wound us up. He's fed up of being told that there are only winners when 82% of library staff are actually going to be worse off as a result.

He's also a bit browned off with me because he keeps dropping extremely broad hints that he wants me to lead a peasants' revolt on the subject and I'm really not sure I can be arsed any more. Between them, he and Human Resources have fucked my job about so much over the past five years that I'm very nearly beyond caring. I am, though, deeply unimpressed by the sleight of hand that removes all the benefits from front line library staff so I'll probably end up doing something or other to throw a few coals on the fire.

The latest wind-up for our man is a morning briefing on pay & grading by Human Resources wherein they spent three hours telling all the service heads exactly the same, word for word, as the PowerPoint slides the buggers made us all sit through last November. Just as uselessly, as it's the usual content-free gloss-over of an opaque process designed to stitch up the staff budget so that they can save a few bob to be spent on councillors' allowances and the golf course. Allegedly. T.Aldous is scrupulously careful not to divulge the content of the briefing save to say:

"What an utter waste of time. We've heard it all before. You've heard it all before. They won't take questions. They won't answer questions. We can't submit comments. And they take more than three hours to tell it to us. In the end three of us had had enough and we got up and said: "we're sorry, we've got services to the public to deliver" and left."

You've got to hand it to him sometimes.

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