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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It's easy to be cynical...

I've got this old-fashioned ideal of the public library service: the university of the common man; the community knowledgebase; a beacon of information literacy, that sort of thing.

We're having the official re-opening of Catty Library next week (not sure which day: I can't be arsed going to the Catty Examiner's website to find out). We've lined up a celebrity to do the honours; we know it's not Mabel Constanduros because we asked. Other than that, no details have been vouchsafed to staff away from that library.

Except the invitation list, which has been sent down to Maisie for her to send out the invitations. A bit late, given that they've had a year and more to come up with a list, but that's par for the course round here. What is remarkable is that fully one quarter of the invitation list consists of names of people whose address is either "Catty" with no further details or "Address not known."

"How can I send an invitation, with RSVP, to 'Monseigneur Eddie Gravy, Address not known'?" asks Maisie, not unreasonably.

To his credit, T.Aldous has been making sincere efforts not to micro-manage his Policy Team and has let Julia get on with the necessary arrangements. It'll be interesting to see how Julia manages to blame him for this snafu.


Webrarian said...

If it's not Mabel, it might be Denis?

Webrarian said...

BTW, I see Mabel was descended from a London omnibus. What would Lady Bracknell have said to that?

Kevin Musgrove said...

We were hoping for Emma, Albert and the baby.

Lavinia said...

Please Kev, for your own sake, I beg you, abandon your "old fashioned ideal of public library service". It will only hamper any future attempts at retaining your sanity.

The barbarians are not only at the gate, they are in the aisles....!

The Topiary Cow said...


Cow will be expecting her invitation soon, as long as they get it correctly addressed:

Land of Topiary


Lavinia said...

Good to see someone still using the word "snafu"