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Monday, August 18, 2008


Frog asks Mary a question:

"Who's doing the cashing up in Lending this afternoon? Bronwyn went up and did it this morning before she went out to the storytime at Senebene and she doesn't want to have to hang on to end of play today. I could do it, I suppose, but I'm trying to get my flexi-time down to single figures."

"Well it isn't my job," says Mary, "and I'm trying to get my own hours down, too... I suppose I'll have to do it."

Mary, Frog and Bronwyn are all entirely justified in being pissed off about this. Bronwyn the more so because she also had to go up and sort out today's rota for this half of the Borough before she went out.

Oh, and in between covering events at Raccoonville and Grimley libraries, Frog's spending lunchtime covering the enquiry desk.

There are three layers of operational management upstairs in Lending:
  • The Counter Supervisor vacancy created when Maybelle got her new job;
  • Two and a half Assistant Librarians, including the vacancy created when Bronwyn got her new job and the one caused by Lola's maternity leave; and
  • The Group Librarian, Doreen.

Salome, the sole remaining Assistant Librarian for this half of the Borough, doesn't work today and nothing's been done by Doreen to make sure that there are enough bodies to keep the doors open and that they have change for the till, which moneys will be put away safely at the end of the day.


Can Bass 1 said...

May I apply for any of these posts? Where is Helminthdale anyway?

Webrarian said...

You mean you have:

1. An integrated approach to staffing libraries across half the service?

2. An enquiry desk?

3. Only three levels of staff in Lending?

These are sophisticated embellishments that some can only dream of...

Kevin Musgrove said...

cb1: If these posts get advertised within our lifetimes, by all means, though you'll find Helminthdale a mean little town in the north-west of England.

1: No, we have a borough split in half, each doing ist own thing, with no thought of the consequences within that half of the borough, let alone the whole.
2: We have no end of enquiry desks. Nobody to staff them half the time, but no end to the buggers.
3: Three levels of management, and that only at an operational level. On the lending floor, if we disregard the ledges and handholds afforded by a poorly-executed career grade structure there are six levels of library staff, if you don't count the apprentices. Away from that floor there are further management levels, though not necessarily further levels of management.