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Friday, August 22, 2008

If the asphodel had made the wicket bumpy

Thelma's worrying, not without reason, about getting all the stock that's on boxes onto the shelves if there's only three-quarters of the planned shelving.

"You could get shut of all that old rubbish in the reference section," I suggest. "There's stuff in the booksale that's younger than that."

"Yeah but I'm not allowed to do stock-editing* so I'm stuck with it."

"Have a chat with Milton about it."


"And don't worry about the other stuff. Get what you can onto the shelves and hold the rest back in reserve. With a bit of luck you're going to need to replenish the stock a few weeks after you've opened and people have denuded the shelves. And if not, well for once we actually know the true status of the stock so we know where it is and why. Given that more of Helminthdale Central's stock was in boxes than on loan when I did the CIPFA stats in April I shouldn't worry overly much about up to a dozen boxes."

Of course, some idiot will make a big deal of it, just before the library opens, but we'll ignore that bridge when we come to it.

* This is a story for another day, possibly nearer to Christmas when the dust has settled across the Borough. Possibly.

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