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Monday, August 11, 2008

Somewhere upon Elysian swards

Thelma's been allowed out for the day to start getting some of the stuff unpacked at Epiphany Library. The only reason she's been allowed out is that somebody needs to let the network guys into the building. She's been told that there's no chance of her and Epiphany's Library Assistant getting out again this week.

This is library project management at its best: the library's finally handed over, two months late, and the library's staff aren't allowed to ready it for opening because they've got to provide cover at Helminthdale Central. Any other place, the question would be: can we free up some staff to provide an extra hand or two in getting things sorted? Apparently it doesn't occur to anybody to wonder how Helminthdale Central would be keeping its doors open if Epiphany wasn't closed for building work. Or, indeed, how anywhere would be open if the central library at Catty wasn't also closed fo repairs. So much for all the loose talk we had at the beginning of the summer about taking steps to free up staff for service development projects.

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