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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For you, Tommy, ze rehearsals are over

It had to happen: the World War II vibe and the Stanley Slavski Method School have conjoined and the lunatic fringes amongst the staff (i.e. most of us) are living with the bastard offspring. There are people in this building who are Being RAF officers imprisoned by the Wehrmacht practising being Belgian migrant workers from Blackpudden in Brabant off to work in munitions factories near the Swiss border. I actually heard this exchange in the lift lobby:

"Wotcha, Wingco!"

"Dammit, man! What have I told you? That's just how Jerry will catch you out if you're not careful!"

The speakers were two middle-aged ladies.

I apologise in advance to any of you who ring our Regional Library Service and get the reply:

"Ich bin auslander, nicht verstahen."


No Good Boyo said...

Given that the history section of your average British library is given over to Hitler porn, you might actually increase your visitor rate. Especially if they have to dig their way out.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Ha! I wish I new some knew some middle-aged ladies like this, consider yourself lucky. All I get from the one's here is: "have some more food, you need some to eat more food, ach go on go on go on, here I'll put some more on your plate for you". Peasants.

My father had a huge collection of "Hilter porn" - I think he felt that anybody must be better than the British people he knew.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Boyo: we're never quite brave enough to take this out to the public, which is probably a missed opportunity. What would libraries and the Discovery Channel do without World War II?

gd: Don't worry, they still think that one of the purposes of life on earth is to force-feed people with cakes and biscuits.