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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The half-timbered librarian

I had thought that the new chairs littering our workplace are destined for the spruced-up edition of Epiphany Library. This turns out to be mistaken, I think. Leastways, when Milton and I visit the place to check out the wiring there's a couple of dozen chairs there already.

We find a plan of the furniture to be installed. One of the many puzzles of the place is: how come we have half an acre of library building yet the console for the public catalogue terminal obstructs the walkway into the counter?

The counter itself has a few surprises, too. For once the cable management system seems to include holes in the partitions for the cables to go through (this is a first). We just need some ports drilling in the top and we're then theoretically OK. Though there is one port already: slap-bang in the middle of the counter, well away from any of the cable management and dead centre in plan view.

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