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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dirty snail teenagers

After Mary's second foray of the day around Needy Corner to see if there's anything further that she can filch from our desks besides cups, pens, teddy bears and bookmarks we start to get a bit fractious.

Even so, Betty and Noreen tell me not to put up a notice on the wall saying:

Please come over here and steal things

Reluctantly, I behave myself.


Gadjo Dilo said...

How about a sign saying:
If anything "borrowed" from the library is not returned within 3 weeks a fine will be incurred at a rate of 10p a day.

The Dotterel said...

God - does anyone actually borrow stuff from libraries any more? Our local branch is an internet cafe!

Kevin Musgrove said...

gd — good idea

dotterel — oh yes. even our loan statistics are consistently up on the past few years. Mind you, I'm not sure that'll be true after this year's shenanigans at Dutch Bend, Catty and Helminthdale Central.