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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hanging nicely

We always have fun with furniture. Predictably enough, this time it's Epiphany Library. The shelving that's been delivered and installed are a bit of a botch job really: the backing's the wrong colour and the first set that was delivered was not as described -- if you ask for a set of shelves that hang from a suspended brace on the walls you don't expect to get some stand-alone shelving with interesting pedestal feet. The Buildings Project Manager was miffed when Thelma told him that he had to get them replaced.

"You've added £600 to my project cost."

"You should have ordered what we asked for and made sure that that was what they delivered then,"

replied Thelma in her best "in twenty years' time I'm going to be a right stroppy old cow" voice.

Anyway, they're in and they're up and they look very nice. Unfortunately, having started unpacking some of the fiction and putting it on the shelves there's an urgent message. Despite the fact that the specification was for four shelves per unit; and the fact that each unit has four shelves; the loading braces can only take the weight of three shelves' worth of books.


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