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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lint in your navel and sand in your tea

Poor old Norma's had a bad journey back from her holiday in Batavia. By one of those eerie coincidences that suggest that God's a bit of a bastard really when the mood's on him the person sat next to her all the way back on the plane was the council's Chief Executive, J.Arthur Blenkenstein.

At no point in the flight did Norma say that she worked for Helminthdale Council.


Pander said...

Trying to track down the origin of "lint in your navel and sand in your tea."
I heard it years ago in a song. What was the song? Lyrics? Singer?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hi Pander,

It's a line from a cod folk song written by John Junkin and Denis King in the sixties. It's called "The Great Bell" and appeared on Marty Feldman's LP "I Feel A Song Going Off."