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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Walking wounded

Seth's officially knackered: he's done his arm in doing all the shit-shifting over the past few weeks. The doctor's told him that he needs to make sure that he isn't constricting the forearm and that he should keep his wrist and arm moving to make sure that the muscles don't stiffen. I've suggested banjo lessons.

Norma at Windscape has broken her arm Christmas shopping. The good news is that it ought to mend so long as she's sensible about not carrying stuff or banging the arm. She's currently on her third cast in as many days.

Frog's had a car crash. That is to say, a drunk ran a red light, crashed into a van, which crashed into Frog's car. He's mostly OK, though "a little shaken," but the car's not looking healthy. He came into work anyway but after a while he decided that he should go up to Accident & Emergency to be on the safe side ("a little shaken" turned out to be quite shaken indeed). Sitting in the queue waiting to be seen by the doctor he got a text message from Mary:

"You will need to claim the time off from your insurance."

Sybil, the Regional Librarian, is walking with a pronounced limp these days. It's due to a medical condition she's more than happy to talk about now the weather's turned to wet and windy so we're putting it about that it's the result of a botched Brazilian.

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