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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Prince of Acquitania in the forgotten tower

Another News Year's Honours List another disappointed staff room. Not so much as an O.B.E. between the lot of us. If the Queen's reading this — I know she's a fan — this is definitely a hint: let's have a gong coming our way in the Birthdays, please.

Over the past few years there's been a lot of guff about "democratising" the honours lists. This turns out to mean a couple of honours going to a lollipop lady and/or a dustbinman so that the Establishment can preen themselves for being meritocratic and journalists can cobble together a bit of patronising drivel to take the gloss off the medals a bit. You won't see many front-line library staff in the Honours List. Scarcely suprising given that library mangers routinely discount their achievements. If local bosses won't recognise staff's contribution to the community it's hardly likely that the Queen's going to become aware of them.

Having said that, none of us would sniff at an O.B.E. if there's a spare one lying round. (hint, hint)

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