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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The maniacal merriment of a madman

Catty Library is a derelict shed with a nice Grade II listed facade, bits of pigeon falling from the ceiling and puddles on the floor. It's now closed for six months for a complete refurb to try and sort out problems like the fact the front wall's falling off.

Rather than shut the library leaving nothing we've moved a pile of the stock (too much, in fact) to Carbootsale Library, a mile down the road, and extended that library's opening hours to match those of Catty Library.

So the council's finally doing some much-needed building work to bring Catty Library up to scratch and we're trying our best to meet local needs by boosting the service at the nearest alternative library. Good news, no?


Local politician:

"It's a long way for people from Catty to have to go to Carbootsale. They wouldn't have to do that if it was Helminthdale Library that was closed."

Well actually they did. But we're still having to investigate the possibility of providing services by proxy in the local housing office.


The Topiary Cow said...

These are probably the same politicians who cut library budgets then expect all the same services and hours.

And the same ones who demand that percentage of people to check out books.


Jim said...

The self same ones that demand that we do more outreach work then cut one of the two outreach librarian posts.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Correct on both counts folks.