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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playing for no stakes

Great God, this is an awful place!

An afternoon's worth of reminders of why we are where we are, with an object demonstration of the Public Library Manager Negotiation Model. In brief, the Model works like this:
  1. Months, or even years, before the event you find out that Something Is Going To Happen. "Plenty of time for that," you say.
  2. Do nothing.
  3. If underlings ask, say that nothing is happening.
  4. If underlings suggest that perhaps "we should decide what we're going to do about this," don't deign to even reply.
  5. Your first meeting with your adversary is arranged. Do nothing.
  6. Go to the negotiating table armed with a blank piece of paper. It is important that you have no idea of your desired outcomes of the negotiation.
  7. Be black aggrieved that your adversary has prepared a negotiating position.
  8. Be sore affronted that their negotiating position proposes that any advantages go to them.
  9. On leaving the meeting complain that it's all been stitched up and that there's nothing you can do about it.
  10. Repeat ad absurdum.

I'd insisted on a pre-meeting meeting (I know, but I'm covering my back). Luckily these days the lead officer on this one is Milton so I only had to be a little insistent (for some people I have to be downright offensive before they'll budge). Even so it was somewhat dispiriting:

"Does the Library Service have a counter-proposal for this?"

"There's no point: they've decided what they want and that's what's going to happen."

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