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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The doctor said that he was dead and might not walk again

Sibyl's made the mistake of looking up one of our local author's website. The author is a "lifestyle doctor to the stars," sometimes turning up on the morning graveyards of daytime television. Typically for a native of Helminthdale, none of the stars he's pictured with have appeared on TV in twenty years and we're convinced a couple of them are dead. A small crowd has gathered round her desk to coo in unison:

"Look at the state of him!"

Lippy is sat in her corner of the empire giggling like a loon. One of the old dears on the housebound library run has given her some chocolates and she isn't coping well with the sugar rush.

Frog sits in his corner talking to a tatty old puppet that used to be a hippopotamus. Rather disconertingly, it appears to be talking back to him.

T.Aldous and Mary are talking about milk bottles, and have been this past fifteen minutes.

Maudie's sat at her desk updating the finance system. Every twenty seconds or so she says:

"Oh dear..."

Working in here is an education. It's certainly given me an insight into what to expect when the time comes for me to go into a nursing home.


the.effing.librarian said...

you need to compile all of your blog post titles because you write some of the best

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ta Effing! Half of them are quotations. Some day we'll have a competition to see how may are identifiable.

Lavinia said...

The inmates are running the asylum. Just put me in my dark and padded room and bring the occasional crust of bread and water.