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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm the sort of man who takes a shit behind an oak tree

Poncey as it sounds, I've concluded that I'm at a disadvantage to my colleagues because I don't have somebody like me to talk to. I don't mean the part of me that's a whiny no-hoper, God knows they're legion. I mean the part that can listen to a problem, put it into perspective and then try and make a fist of retrieving something positive out of the mess. There have been a few occasions lately where that's been precisely what I've needed and both me and my work have suffered as a consequence.

I'll have to start talking to myself.


Ms Scarlet said...

I'm sure you're not really the type of man who does things behind oak trees... or even beech trees.
Btw, trees are good to talk to.

Pearl said...

I talk to myself quite a bit. I've even been known to crack me up, but that's only after I've been drinking. I'm a cheerful little drunk.

Are you sure you want to work there? Me, once I've started pondering that I've got no one like me at work to talk to and no longer seem to give a shit about what I'm doing, it brings down everything else, you know?


Pearl said...

p.s. The oak tree bit -- is that a cultural reference?
I got nothin'.

Unknown said...

I highly recommend talking to yourself, you will find yoursefl to be perceptive and insightful. Best not to do it in public as this source of active learning is not generally recognised for its true value.
Cat's are a poor 2nd alternative, they listen and hald you do the work to solve the problem but they really are a tad lazier than yourself.
Sleeping is a reasonable 3rd option.
I gather a lot of people opt for marriage to help with this one too, but it seems a rather extreme solution the NHS might have problem solving services, worth looking into

Anonymous said...

"have to start..."

kidding who?

Lavinia said...

I think the whiny no-hoper is the more endearing of the myriad Kevins. No pollyanas need apply. Firmly lodged on Bitter Street and I'm not budging!

Gadjo Dilo said...

I'm mouthing things over to myself all the time, and I don't care if people think I'm crazy. Almost nobody willingly has a conversation with me at work, so I have a great excuse for being a nutter.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scarlet: trees are my only friends. (pulls out onion and hankie)

Pearl: This one is a quotation but I can't remember where I stole it from.

Wendy: a useful analysis, thank you.

emu: you behave yourself!

Lavinia: I'm going to have to hold your blog up to the light to see why you're bitter. Between the woodsman and the real estate man... oh, don't tell me you had a crush on the window glazing salesman?

Gadjo: you have the advantage of the stereotype of the Englishman abroad.

Lavinia said...

No, Kevin, not by a long shot. The window salesman is nutty and desperate. For a sale that is, not for moi. And, that's not *quite* my type....

Kevin Musgrove said...

that's a relief Lavinia!