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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Maisie made the mistake of going in to ask Mary to sign an order when she was in one of her even-tighter-than-a-duck's-arse-than-usual moods.

"Do we really need two dozen bottles of hand wash?" asks Mary. "Ring round the libraries and find out which ones need them."

So Maisie's spent all afternoon ringing round the libraries to find out which ones need them.

Which is why she's ordering twenty-five bottles of hand wash.


Lavinia said...

A most unsettling post on so many levels. Where to begin. Leaving aside ducky behinds for the moment, I am getting the feeling that I should don rubber gloves and carry Dettol ere picking up any of the library books??? At least until the handwash comes in!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Most of us try to divert the really grubby books away from the shelves, honestly!

But yes, you might want to have your wet wipes handy!