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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Northern Lights are calling me, but I can't say what 'cos this is a family blog

God, is it only Tuesday? I've been Thursday tired all week.

Today's nonsense is carrier bags. We're not allowed to have Library Service carrier bags so we had to blag a load off Sheep City for a reader development event last night. All we could get off T.Aldous was: "Make sure that people know that this is the Library Service doing this, not Sheep City!" Like we've not got the name and logo plastered onto everything that doesn't move, and some that do, already.

Luckily we got funding to pay for a guest speaker, who Frog got on the cheap via contacts with the children's library group.

"That's very expensive,"

says Mary, who can't see a pot of money without underspending it by 80%.


Lavinia said...

Kevin darling I've been Thursday tired all year. And its only February.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Serves you right for eating all that toast. (-: