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Friday, February 13, 2009

If you multiply a gallon of pitch by a quart of periwinkles, what is the result?

For most of the past year Salome's been the sole Assistant Librarian for this half of the borough: no provision's been made for replacing Bronwyn now she's Book Sale Coordinator (despite her having spent last Spring being made to work a four-month notice period!); Lola's maternity leave wasn't covered; and to make things worse, one of the Counter Supervisors' posts has been vacant for a year. So things have slipped a bit.

It's made even worse because she's also been asked to take a lead on a couple of pieces of work. She's also been asked to work with me on part of the web site project, which is frustrating because I know she'd have useful input but we both know that she's not got time or space to do much about it.

Just to twist the knife a bit, T.Aldous is now in a bate because there is a pile of boxes in a meeting room that's going to be used for a corporate directorate meeting in March. Some of the boxes are the stock that wouldn't fit when Doreen got rid of a pile of shelving in 2007. Some is stock from Noddy and Glass Road that the librarians from Catty and Umpty should have dealt with but sent to Helminthdale last year. And some is the result of Mary's sending a memo to all libraries a couple of weeks ago telling them to send their old books for Catty Library's Big Book Sale to Helminthdale because Catty Library insisted there wasn't room for any of it there.

T.Aldous has told Salome to get her finger out and get them sorted. Salome was marginally more polite than I would have been.


Ms Scarlet said...

Erm... have you tried putting the boxes on the fire escape?

Lavinia said...

I don't know the end result of the recipe of the title of this post, however I would think that Britain would move swiftly to ban the ingredients that result in what is making headlines today, a youngster named Alfie. age 13, now Britains' most famous dad. Time to look into what's in the water in that neck of the woods, wot?!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scarlet: the fire escape's for the new stuff.

Lavinia: I'm astonished that there's anyone below the age of 65 in Eastbourne! He'll have been fired up by tonic wine and embrocation.

Lavinia said...

Embrocation? Heavens Kevin, you send me dashing for my dictionary yet again...

Gadjo Dilo said...

Is it still called "embrocation"? "Deep Heat", or "Mr Muscle", surely?

The Topiary Cow said...

(fighting way through Topiary thicket of words)

This post is so English Cow is at a loss for words.

Except this "bate" one. Topiary is going to adopt it and use it liberally in her sentences, with a gay abandon and disregard of context.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Gadjo: it's still called embrocation round our way and it's sold in little metal tins with tiny writing on the back.

Mr.Muscle is a cleaning spray. Ah... point taken.

Ms. Cow: Bate away!!!