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Friday, January 30, 2009

I want to see you there behind me leading the way

"Set aside next week for working on the People's Network," said Milton last week. So I did. And we have done Jack all on the People's Network. Oh, to be sure we

  • Looked at the new bookings management system that's been installed.
  • Looked at a new PC.
  • Talked a great deal about what we could do.
  • Listened to the installation engineer as he offered to help us set things up.
and have done Jack all. I couldn't work with the installation engineer to set anything up because I don't know how Milton wants us to be using the People's Network in the future.

"We'll go through the manual and see what settings we want," he says.

"We will decide what we want the system to do in practice and then find out how the system does it," I insist.

All in all a dead wasted opportunity. The installation engineer's been and gone so I'm on my own now with the sure and certain knowledge that some time in the future I'm going to be required to pull a dead rabbit out of a hat.


Lavinia said...

Dead rabbits aside, it's been fun catching up on your posts. I'm so behind on my blogging darling, and its been heavenly to sit here and read your posts.I see things are proceeding apace and you have the entire situation under control. Of course, if you were to try to tell anyone the full extent of the chernobyl-like proportions of what is actually going on, well, it would knock your eye out it would!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Just imagine the stuff I can't include, for ethical reasons!