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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Seth and Alwyn have gone out with Kevin the driver to pick up some stuff from Carbootsale and Catty libraries to come back here.
  • Carbootsale is closed for redecorating and perhaps knocking a wall down (we're still not sure whether or not that's happening, though it may fall down of its own accord once the wallpaper's removed). All of its stuff is going into storage, we're told. Which is why two vanloads have already come back here with more promised.
  • Catty's only just re-opened and they've been unpacking stuff from storage and refusing to admit anything else whatsoever through the doors, so God alone knows why they're sending stuff back here.
As the boys pootle off I can't help hoping that the police don't see them. The picture of the three of them sat in the front of the van has "Armed bank robbery" written all over it.

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