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Monday, January 05, 2009


There seemed to be an unconscionable time between Catty Library's being handed over to us by the builders and the library being opened. Nonetheless, we are given almost daily bulletins as to why we should not yet treat it as if it's open for business as usual:
  • Please note: do not include Catty Library in stock rotation procedures as it cannot accept any more stock. We have not yet unpacked all the old stock from the boxes.
  • The meeting room at Catty Library is not available for meetings due to the amount of stock boxed up in that room.

and so on.

Henry Irving's pissed off because the library's local studies material had been shipped off to Sheep City for safekeeping during the building and Julia's now telling him that it can't go back to Catty Library because "there isn't room." This would be OK but Julia and Catty Library were prominent amongst those sticking in the veto when he wanted to provide a borough-wide local studies service from Sheep City.

Popping in very briefly on my way to Carbootsale I notice that there's a survey form on the staff noticeboard asking people what colour they would prefer for the headers for the shelves.

"Bit late for that, isn't it?" I ask one of the Library Assistants.

"They're going to be done posh."

"You've not said what colour you'd prefer."

"There's no point. Nicki and Sandra have said what colour they want so that'll be it then."

I expect she's right.

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