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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The audience was sent home with the Prime Minister's apologies and a bag of chocolate buttons

To my utter amazement we have suddenly started using some of the technology for the intended purpose! Somebody in one corner of the borough had an idea, shared it with a load of other people by email and, over the course of the past two days we have bounced around a useful set of ideas to the point where it's an identifiable project with identified resources and a plan of action...
"I was thinking... There's a box of children's books in the back room at... that isn't doing very much. Could we..."

"That's an idea. How about if we also..."

"I'm going out to... Could we trial this out there while I'm at it?"

"Could we tie it in with the work... is doing at...?"

"Yes we could. This is brilliant. If I do... we could use that as an opportunity to launch it."

Needless to say...
"I'm fed up with all these emails about those children's books,"
Mary tells Frog. So we then all get the email
This is the last word on this matter.

I will be reviewing this stock shortly.

Between that and the recent complaints on a library discussion list about people using the list for discussion my despair of the English public librarian is complete for the year.


Gadjo Dilo said...

"my despair of the English public librarian is complete for the year"... it's only January 14th, Kev, sorry to have to remind you.

Webrarian said...

Thanks for the heads-up that I seem to have fallen off that particular list... Though I don't seem to have missed a great deal.

Do colleagues really say "This is brilliant" in Helminthdale? I think I shall be adding a new phrase to my vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the discussion several years ago about resources for Dominant and submissive librarians - that was a complete riot, as I recall.


Kevin Musgrove said...

gd: I take this as a notification that the counselling's worked and my optimism is both rational and intact.

Webrarian: sadly, no, you've not missed anything. And we do have the full Enid Blyton vocabulary. Last week somebody (not me) said: "corks!"

Major: that's a dim and distant memory!!!

Unknown said...

We can probably install a despair overflow, I have the number of a good plumber...