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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rules of cataloguing

People at Catty Library are getting a little silly. I'm making a huge effort not to go in with both feet studs first but it's a struggle. And I know I'm not the only one. Since the library re-opened they seem to have spent all their time letting other people know that they don't think they're doing their job properly. Sometimes they'll ring a library and ask: "why haven't you done...?" Sometimes they'll print screen dumps of mistakes they think other people have made on the system and then send them in to members of Policy Team with notes like:

"This is the sort of entry that ... is making. Is this what we should all be doing now?"

I'm under orders not to quality control Catty Library's throughput as it would just be throwing petrol on the fire.

Today's gem has been sent to Mary. It's an old, rather foxed, hardback novel with the note attached:

"This is on the catalogue. It needs doing properly."

Now, it's quite true that we have copies of this book in stock and on the library catalogue. It isn't true that this book is on the catalogue. It was donated to Catty Library by one of their customers and they've passed it on here in this graceful manner for it to be dealt with somehow or other.

Given the to-do the other week I'd guess they'd create a little if it were sent back to them for their shelves.

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