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Thursday, January 29, 2009

We gave articles on peculiar punishments in the fifth volume

Last summer we were told that all new staff would be receiving a Welcome Pack not dissimilar to that we give to the Poor Bloody Public. Last autumn, the staff who'd been tasked to do the job delivered the goods. At Christmas Policy Team decided that all staff starting from the new year would receive packs.

Job well done.

Maudie and Maisie have had a pile of packs printed out and they arrived today. They look very good. Unfortunately, T.Aldous spotted them and threw a wobbler.

"Why don't I know anything about these? You should check with me before doing anything like this. I am the service head and I should know about this!"

Maudie and Maisie are not impressed.
  • T.Aldous chaired the staff meeting last summer where it was announced that these would be done.
  • T.Aldous chairs Policy Team.
  • The operational minutiae that T.Aldous doesn't know would fill volumes.

Still, we can't go around having positives littering the place now, can we?

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