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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One hundred and twenty pounds of horseshit

Oh, I don't want to blog about this week. Surely I've exhausted my readers' patience about
  • boxes
  • and shifting stock out of Umpty Library because they say they've got too much new children's stock and don't have time for visits for school classes
  • and libraries' closed dates not being disclosed to the systems guy or to the passing public
  • and Policy Team not having yet another scheduled meeting
  • and another unannounced staff meeting with T.Aldous complaining that people didn't turn up for it
  • and the network being down
  • and the public PCs dying one by one in random pattern with their hard disks blown to buggery
  • and the reference librarians' entering the fourth glorious year of reviewing the standing orders lists but actually not bothering
  • and the expensive reference stock we're buying for Catty Library which won't have a reference section when it re-opens
  • and Policy Team members boasting that they can't possibly provide information about what's going on in our libraries because their staff don't tell them
  • and the plans - ha ha! - for closing Carbootsale for rebuilding work once Catty Library re-opens

Oh, I'm bored just listing the possibilities, you'd never stand for me blathering on about them.


Webrarian said...

No. You could never exhaust my patience. Just to know that your world grinds as inexorably on as my own is enough to keep me (more or less) sane.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ta. Awful isn't it?

Pat said...

Hi Kevin! thanks for the visit. Helminthdale has a nostalgic sound. My Grandad's shop was near Helmshore and I was born and bred in Rossendale.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Just cut up all the letters that you've used in this list, Kev, put them into a hat and draw them out randomly thus creating new, fresh sentences!

Tim Atkinson said...

I second Gadj's proposal!

The Topiary Cow said...

This was a good review, actually.

And will come in handy for you to use again next year, presumably.


Kevin Musgrove said...

PI: Hi Pat! Think back to your local library service in the sixties and you won't be far wrong.

gd: so you've seen our Annual Business Plan process?

Dotterel: don't encourage us!

Ms Cow: sadly, yes.