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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mince all over his warehouse coat

Mary's been landed with the job of organising T.Aldous' end-of-year celebration of the National Year of Reading. She's roped in Bronwyn, Maybelle and Frog; they've cadged favours from some of their usual contacts and had nearly all the ideas knocked back by Mary for various reasons irrational. So the printed programme for the day is:
  • Carols from the choir of St. Barrabas, Helminthdale
  • A demonstration of corn dolly-making
  • A poetry reading
  • A juggler
  • Mince pies will be provided
Not especially literary, as I mention to Maybelle.
"I'm too busy worrying about the mince pies: Mary says she's going to be buying them so I expect we'll be having the usual panic first thing on the day."
The voice of grim experience.


Tim said...

A new Saint - Barrabas! How very interesting - season's greetings!

No Good Boyo said...

I am devoted to St Trisant myself.

Season's greetings, Brother Kevin.